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Super Syrup is proudly 100% Australian owned & operated. We keep jobs and profits in AUSTRALIA because all our liquids are designed & made right here!


If we wouldn’t use it – we wouldn’t sell it! We’re obsessed with making the BEST and will never compromise on the quality of any of our car care products.


If you’ve fried enough tyres to put a new hole in the ozone layer, here’s your chance bring back the balance. Our products are biodegradable & phosphate free!

About Super Syrup

Est: 2016

The Ultimate Destination for Superior Quality Car Care.

At Super Syrup, we are a passionate team of Australian enthusiasts embarking on an unwavering mission to revolutionise the car care industry. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and right from the inception of our journey, we have adhered to a simple philosophy: if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we wouldn’t sell it to you. Unlike many other car care manufacturers, we refuse to compromise on quality by adding inferior substances to our products.

Our primary goal is to develop superior car care solutions that both you and your precious paintwork will love. To achieve this, we fuse premium ingredients with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that each product consistently delivers an exceptional finish.
When you choose Super Syrup, you’re choosing excellence.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Super Syrup is committed to keeping jobs and profits within our beloved country. We take immense pride in contributing to the growth and success of our local economy.

Join us on our relentless journey to develop premium car care solutions that stand out in performance, quality, and environmental consciousness. We invite you to explore our range of products, meticulously crafted with your satisfaction in mind.

Thank you for choosing Super Syrup, where excellence and sustainability go hand in hand.

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