Iron & Fallout Remover



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A superior Iron & Fallout Remover designed to decontaminate & cleanse surfaces from ferrous oxides

  • Made for wheels & bodywork

  • Decontaminates & cleans wheels in minutes

  • Ideal for regular & weekly use

  • Ultra safe pH Neutral formula

  • 100% Australian made

IRON REMOVER is a premium grade decontaminator that is designed to cleanse exterior surfaces of ferrous oxides.
With a pH Neutral formula, IRON & FALLOUT REMOVER is safe to use on clear coats, powder coats, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and alloy. Use it to dissolve iron particles that have attached to your wheels and to annihilate environmental fallout that has bonded to your paintwork.

• Removes iron deposits & Environmental Fallout
• Safe on wheels, gloss clear-coats, chrome, alloy, aluminium, galvanised metal
• Acid free & non-caustic
• Changes colour when it comes into contact with iron contaminates
• Premium grade quality & ingredients
• Biodegradable, Phosphate & Silicone free

Shake bottle well and apply it to a cool dry surface – out of direct sunlight. Mist the product directly onto the surface and allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes or until the treated area remains a reddish/purple colour. Rinse off thoroughly with a sharp stream of water or with a pressure washer for best results. Do not allow IRON & FALLOUT REMOVER to dry onto the surface. Spray on a bit more to keep it wet if drying occurs, or hose it off & reapply.

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Iron & Fallout Remover
Before & After…

Iron & Fallout Remover delivers superior decontamination capabilities while remaining free from any caustics or acids.
Designed for wheels and bodywork, Iron & Fallout Removers pH Neutral formula ensures suitable application on wheels, gloss clear-coats, chrome, alloy, aluminium, galvanised metal and professionally powder coated surfaces. Its signature appearance will evolve into a reddish/purple colour when it comes into contact with environmental fallout or iron particles that have mostly emitted from your vehicles brake pads.



What our customers think

25 reviews for Iron & Fallout Remover

  1. John Barnes (verified owner)

    Best wheel cleaner I have ever used

  2. Clarke homes (verified owner)

    This iron remover is magic such great results on my wheels

  3. Chad Menzies (verified owner)

    This product is sooooooo good

  4. Scott Bradley (verified owner)

    Wheels came up looking new

  5. Christie Smythe (verified owner)


  6. Merlin Connell (verified owner)

    First time using these products. I wish I had found this sooner. THE BEST

  7. Emily Smith (verified owner)

    WOWZERS this stuff works so good

  8. Daniel Williams (verified owner)

    This iron remover cleaner effectively dissolved iron particles and brake dust, leaving my wheels looking fresh

  9. David Anderson (verified owner)

    Impressive product that turned purple as it tackled embedded iron contaminants on my rims

  10. Matthew Davis (verified owner)

    Took care of iron build up without damaging the wheel finish, highly satisfied

  11. Johnny Taylor (verified owner)

    I was shocked by how much iron this cleaner pulled off my wheels, my driveway was a sea of purple

  12. Mia Martinez (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that works, best for maintaining the appearance of my alloy wheels

  13. William Thompson (verified owner)

    Safe and effective, it removed iron particles without harming the paint

  14. James Lee (verified owner)

    Cleaned my rims deeply, giving them a renewed look and feel

  15. Chris Tyrner (verified owner)

    A vital step in my detailing routine, couldn’t be happier

  16. Liz Turner (verified owner)

    Watching the iron particles dissolve was oddly satisfying, with amazing results

  17. Joseph Hernandez (verified owner)

    Removed iron contaminants and brake dust, leaving a clean slate

  18. Andrew Nelson (verified owner)

    Visible results within minutes, iron particles disappeared

  19. Samuel King (verified owner)

    A must buy for those who want spotless wheels

  20. Nicholas Riverera (verified owner)

    Used it on my 4WD wheels, worked exceptionally well

  21. Christopher Peters (verified owner)

    Gentle formula that efficiently tackles iron contamination on rims

  22. Daniel Wright (verified owner)

    Cleaned both the wheels and brakes, saving time and effort

  23. Ryan Roberts (verified owner)

    Made my wheels feel smoother to the touch after removing all the iron

  24. Tyler Cookes (verified owner)

    Even removed the iron particles from tight spots, outstanding

  25. Christopher Higgins (verified owner)

    No more worries about iron deposits ruining my wheels appearance

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