Microfibre Wash Mitt



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A premium microfibre wash mitt that’s gentle, soft, and comfortable.

  • Soft & gentle on all exterior automotive surfaces

  • Ultra dense microfibre pile to trap dirt particles

  • Double stitched seams for extra durability

  • Stretchable wrist-welt to prevent slippage

  • Comfortable inner lining

Our extremely high quality microfibre wash mitt contains a dense pile to remove & trap surface dirt & grime while you wash.
Its large design and super soft construction puts this Microfibre Wash Mitt in a league of its own!
Soft & gentle on any exterior, our Microfibre Wash Mitt ensures safety & speed during your wash regime.

• 20cm X 23cm wash pad.
• 8mm thick sponge.
• 800gsm microfibre.
• Machine washable.
• Extremely soft & fluffy.

Dunk the Microfibre Wash Mitt in & out of your soapy wash bucket solution until the entire mitt is saturated & covered in bubbles.
Apply with very minimal pressure and allow your cleaning shampoo to do the hard work.
Glide the wash mitt over each section of the exterior, making sure to rinse off any dirt that may have attached – every 15 seconds or so.

Glide the Super Syrup Microfibre Wash Mitt over the surface in straight lines. Refrain from using any circular motions or obscure wrist-twisting techniques.

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Purchase this item to earn 2 Points!
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Microfibre Wash Mitt

Enjoy a safe luxurious wash with our high quality Microfibre wash mitt. Made from premium dense fibres that are designed to trap dirt & keep your paintwork safe from the swirls & scratches that can be caused by improper washing with poor quality cleaning utilities. Double stitched seams and a durable construction ensures product longevity and multiple machine washes to keep it looking and performing like new.

What our customers think

21 reviews for Microfibre Wash Mitt

  1. Sage.reynolds (verified owner)

    Woah! I didn’t think that a car wash mitt could actually be anything special. I was so wrong. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes it an incredible mitt but it’s going to push their competitors over the edge working it out.
    Highly recommended

  2. John Barnes (verified owner)

    Great mitt highly recommend

  3. Clarke homes (verified owner)

    Such a good wash mitt to work with

  4. Bill Kippler (verified owner)

    Would have to be the best mitt on the market

  5. Scott Bradley (verified owner)

    High quality and hold heaps of water/soap

  6. Merlin Connell (verified owner)

    First time using these products. I wish I had found this sooner. THE BEST

  7. Emily Smith (verified owner)

    The microfiber wash mitt glides effortlessly, ensuring a gentle yet effective car wash

  8. Daniel Williams (verified owner)

    Impressed by how the microfibre wash mitt captures debris, leaving my car sparkling

  9. Johnny Taylor (verified owner)

    This mitt’s soft texture prevents scratches, making it my go to choice for a safe wash

  10. William Thompson (verified owner)

    Using this mitt feels like pampering my car, its quality and performance are exceptional.

  11. James Lee (verified owner)

    A must have for detailing enthusiasts, the wash mitt delivers a thorough clean

  12. Chris Tyrner (verified owner)

    My car loves this mitt! It lifts dirt and leaves a clean, streak-free surface

  13. Liz Turner (verified owner)

    Washing becomes effortless with the microfibre wash mitt, it holds soap and cleans with finesse

  14. Joseph Hernandez (verified owner)

    I trust this wash mitt to maintain my car’s finish, it’s a reliable choice for a pristine clean

  15. Andrew Nelson (verified owner)

    It’s rare to find a wash mitt that combines softness and efficiency

  16. Samuel King (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this wash mitt, it’s a small investment for a big difference in wash quality

  17. Nicholas Riverera (verified owner)

    Gone are the days of using harsh materials, excellent wash mitt

  18. Daniel Wright (verified owner)

    Made car washing a breeze

  19. Ryan Roberts (verified owner)

    No more concerns about scratches, the microfibre mitt takes gentle care of my car’s paint

  20. Tyler Cookes (verified owner)

    Achieved a swirl free wash without effort, this mitt is a detailing essential

  21. Christopher Higgins (verified owner)

    This wash mitt’s quality is evident in its performance

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Still got questions?

Super Syrup is owned & operated by 3 mates from Victoria.

All our liquids are made in Australia.
Our microfibre products are imported from Korea and supplied by a local Australian distributor.

Why is our Microfibre imported?
Unfortunately, Australia is currently unable to produce world-class microfibre that delivers supreme performance on automotive surfaces.
When Australia has a premium quality equivalent – you can bet that we’ll be supplying it.

All orders are dispatched daily from Monday to Thursday and come with a unique tracking number.
Our main delivery service is Couriers Please & Fastway.
PO Box orders are handled by Australia Post.
Almost all orders arrive between 2 – 5 business days.

In one word…

Almost all our car care liquids are pH Neutral, silicone free, biodegradable & phosphate free.
You’re probably saving dolphins every time you use our products (don’t quote us on that though).

In terms of cleaning performance…

Our products do exactly what they’re designed to do.
We use premium ingredients & refrain from diluting or fattening up our products with any inferior substances like some other manufacturers do.

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