Pure Wash Car Shampoo

1 Litre


(12 customer reviews)

Superior car shampoo without any wax or gloss enhancers.

  • Does not contain any wax or gloss enhancing properties

  • Ideal for ceramic coats, PPF and vinyl wrapped surfaces.
  • Ultra safe pH Neutral formula
  • Perfect maintenance wash

  • 100% Australian made

PURE WASH car shampoo is a premium grade automotive shampoo that contains no wax or gloss enhancing properties.
It’s designed to safely clean exterior surfaces while retaining any existing hydrophobic talent.
The concentrated formula delivers dominant cleaning capabilities while preserving the integrity of any paint protected, vinyl wrapped or other sealed surface types.
Its high sudsing – pH Neutral formula is complimented by advanced water softening properties to prevent water spotting & mineral deposits during the washing process.
This product is biodegradable, phosphate free and silicone free.

• No wax. No gloss enhancers
• Perfect for detailing & pre paint correction
• Preserves Hydrophobicity
• Contains water softeners to prevent spotting & reduce mineral deposits
• Safe on any automotive exterior
• Will not strip existing wax or sealant
• Foam Lance & Bucket Wash compatible
• Premium grade quality & ingredients
• Biodegradable & Phosphate free

Park in the shade if possible, and ensure the surface is cool to touch. Hose off any loose dirt from the surface.
Fill the chamber of your foam gun with 900mls of water and top it up with 100mls of PURE WASH car shampoo (1:9 Ratio).
Coat the surface with foam & let it dwell for 3-5 minutes. Don’t let it dry. Rinse off. Repeat 1 more time then follow with the 2 bucket manual wash.
Fill 2 10L buckets with water. Add about 50mls of PURE WASH car shampoo to one of the buckets. Shoot a sharp stream of water in there to agitate the mixture & create suds. Begin washing. Rinse your wash mitt in the water-only bucket every 30 seconds to remove any dirt from the mitt. Dunk it back in the soapy bucket & continue washing. Repeat until surface is clean. Rinse off.
Dry with a Super Syrup chamois.
Hose off loose dirt. Fill 1 10L bucket with warm water & throw your wash mitt in there. Pre-soak your car with a foam cannon, let it dwell for 3-5 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat pre-soak 1 more time. Cover surface with foam a 3rd time and begin washing with the foam that’s on the surface. Rinse your wash mitt in the warm water every 30 seconds to remove any dirt from the mitt. Continue washing. If the presence of foam on the surface becomes minimal, shoot more foam onto it. Keep surface soapy at all times to maintain lubricity.

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Pure Wash Car Shampoo
Before & After…

Pure Wash car shampoo delivers dominant cleaning power while remaining safe & gentle to automotive surfaces.
Specifically designed & created for ceramic coats & vinyl wraps, this shampoo is now an essential in every professional detailers product lineup.
Free from any wax and gloss enhancing properties, Pure Wash car shampoo also combats hard-water & spotting through its water softening & anti lime scaling ingredients.
A premium shampoo that is high sudsing & perfect for any exterior.



What our customers think

12 reviews for Pure Wash Car Shampoo

  1. mintos (verified owner)

    Just as before , great product with excellent cleaning that will not strip paint protection.

  2. Chad Menzies (verified owner)

    Excellent clean for my ceramic coat

  3. Daniel Williams (verified owner)

    Impressed by how the car shampoo cuts through dirt and grime, smells great

  4. Johnny Taylor (verified owner)

    This shampoo’s gentle formula ensures a clean surface without compromising my car’s protective coating

  5. Mia Martinez (verified owner)

    Using this shampoo is a sensory experience, it releases a pleasant apple scent while ensuring a clean surface

  6. James Lee (verified owner)

    Gentle on my car’s finish, the pure wash is a reliable choice for a safe and clean wash

  7. Chris Tyrner (verified owner)

    I have tried various shampoos, but this one’s foaming action and cleaning prowess stand out

  8. Liz Turner (verified owner)

    Pure Wash delivers an excellent clean

  9. Andrew Nelson (verified owner)

    Say goodbye to dirt and grime, the foaming action ensures a thorough wash

  10. Samuel King (verified owner)

    Impressed by how little shampoo goes a long way, it’s a cost effective solution for an excellent finish

  11. Nicholas Riverera (verified owner)

    Pure Washes formula is a lifesaver

  12. Ryan Roberts (verified owner)

    This car shampoo’s performance is outstanding

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Why is our Microfibre imported?
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