The Snow Show Car Cleaning Package


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A winter blizzard in your driveway

  • Perfect for home or professional use

  • Pro-grade products to maintain a clean car or bike

  • Save over 15% compared to individual product purchasing

Your choice of either Wash & Wax or Pure wash

Microfibre Wash Mitt
A premium quality microfibre wash mitt that’s super soft & fluffy

Snow Foam Gun:
A professional grade snow foam gun for your pressure washer

Park in the shade if possible, and ensure the surface is cool to touch. Hose off any loose dirt from the surface.

If you have a foam gun & pressure washer:
Mix 900mls of water with 100mls of shampoo in your foam gun chamber. Foam the surface & let it dwell for 3-5 minutes. Rinse off & repeat if necessary

2-bucket manual wash:
Fill 2 10L buckets with water. Add about 50mls of Shampoo to one of the buckets and shoot a sharp stream of water in there to agitate the mixture & create suds. Begin washing.
Rinse your wash mitt in the water-only bucket every 30 seconds to remove any dirt from the mitt. Dunk it back in the soapy bucket & continue washing. Repeat until surface is clean. Rinse off.

Wash Mitt:
Dunk it in & out of your soapy wash bucket solution until the entire mitt is saturated & covered in bubbles.
Apply with very minimal pressure and allow your cleaning shampoo to do the hard work.
Glide the wash mitt over each section of the exterior, making sure to rinse off any dirt that may have attached – every 30 seconds or so.

Snow Foam Gun:
Fill the chamber of your Snow Foam Gun with approximately 90% water, and the rest with car shampoo. Attach it to your pressure washer and cover the surface of your car, bike, boat, or helicopter with a generous amount of snow. Allow the product to dwell on the surface of your paintwork to soften any stubborn grime. Rinse it off.If necessary, give it another coat of snowy goodness then proceed with a bucket wash.

• Use 2 buckets when doing your manual wash.
• Store your microfibre items in clean tubs or bags.
• Wash microfibre items after each use.
• Follow the instructions on each product bottle label

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What our customers think

7 reviews for The Snow Show Car Cleaning Package

  1. BenJamin (verified owner)

    Great Pack, well priced and amazing quality, heaps of foam on the car and by far the best mitt on the market

  2. Emily Crofton (verified owner)

    I was told about this product by a friend and Im so glad I gave this a try. I will definitely be buying more products

  3. Matthew Davis (verified owner)

    Great starter kit and even better quality products, highly recommend to everyone

  4. David Carter (verified owner)

    All the Super Syrup products are the greatest

  5. Madison Reede (verified owner)

    Great products, the foam gun far exceeded my expectations

  6. Joshua Morgan (verified owner)

    Amazing Value Pack, well done Super Syrup

  7. Benjamin Woods (verified owner)

    A friend recommended Super Syrup, I will be buying these products again

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All our liquids are made in Australia.
Our microfibre products are imported from Korea and supplied by a local Australian distributor.

Why is our Microfibre imported?
Unfortunately, Australia is currently unable to produce world-class microfibre that delivers supreme performance on automotive surfaces.
When Australia has a premium quality equivalent – you can bet that we’ll be supplying it.

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We use premium ingredients & refrain from diluting or fattening up our products with any inferior substances like some other manufacturers do.

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