Washing Your Car

Published On: 24 July 2023|1.6 min read|Views: 176|

Preparation Phase:
Ahead of your car washing endeavour, opt for parking your vehicle in a shaded area. Alternatively, if you can’t, ensure the surface is cool to the touch so that you prevent dirt from sticking once it dries.

Loosening the Grime:
Begin by filling your buckets with warm water, then pour the recommended amount of car wash solution into one bucket.
Starting from the top, use a hose or pressure washer to thoroughly wet the entire car surface, eliminating loose dirt and grime, including the wheel arches.
To minimise the risk of scratching during washing, consider employing a snow foam cannon if you’re equipped with a pressure washer, as it effectively softens & lifts dirt from the paint.

Washing Process:
Once more, start washing from the top and proceed downward. Dunk your wash mitt into the car wash solution, then gently glide it across the roof to collect loose dirt and grime.
Focus on one panel at a time, rinsing each section as you progress. Be cautious not to scrub too vigorously to avoid potential scratches caused by contaminants and grit trapped in your wash mitt. Rinse the mitt in the second bucket every 30 seconds or so to maintain a contaminant-free soapy water.

Rinse Phase:
Keep a wet car surface throughout the washing process. Upon completing the wash, give your car a final rinse using a steady stream of water, allowing it to sheet off the panels and facilitating a quicker and easier drying process. Use a separate sponge to clean the wheels, ensuring the sponge for the bodywork remains as pristine & sanitary as possible.

Drying Stage:
For drying, use a microfibre drying towel. Wipe down all the panels from top to bottom to prevent water spots from forming as it dries. Additionally, clean in and around your door jambs.

Revel in the Achievement:
Congrats! Your car is now immaculately clean.

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